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Titan Breed

Based out of Glasgow, Scotland, Titan Breed are a metal band who combine elements from all areas of the metal genre and have been carving a destructive path ever since their live performance debut in 2016.

In 2017 the band released their debut studio E.P. ‘Edge Of The World’, which features lead single 'Everytime'. Later that year following a series of live performance heats, Titan Breed were crowned winners of the renowned Metal 2 The Masses competition, resulting in a celebrated festival appearance at Bloodstock Open Air in August of 2017.


Titan Breed have gained notoriety for their tight sound and hard hitting stage presence, anchored by the magnetic Johnny Malice who brings Glasgow’s own brand of metal front-man ferocity to the stage. In 2018 the band toured the UK, opening for metal/hiphop band Neshiima, as well as landing support slots with some major players in the scene including metal legends Obituary and Alien Weaponry.

Titan Breed continued to gig throughout 2019 and completed the writing and recording of their second studio E.P. ‘Legacy’ , which was subsequently released on the 14th February 2020. Unable to tour in support of the release due to the pandemic, Titan Breed returned to live shows in late 2021 followed up by successful appearances at Hammerfest and Breaking Bands Festival in 2022. This year also saw the departure of original drummer Lewis Kelly, who was succeeded by James Adams in 2024.

The band are currently focusing their efforts on returning to the live scene whilst completing their next batch of studio recordings, with a new studio release slated for later in 2024.


Titan Breed is;

(Left to Right)

James Adams – Drums

Stewart ‘Raggy’ Brown – Guitars

Johnny Malice – Vocals

Pete McCoy – Guitars/Vocals

Mark McMillan – Bass

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